Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rush Hour 4 Movie

Rush Hour 4 The MovieThe third Rush Hour movie was a real box-office success. So Director Brett Ratner and Scriptwriter Jeff Nathanson are tempted to make a fourth Rush Hour film.

In the DVD audio commentary for Rush Hour 3, Brett Ratner even jokes that Rush Hour 4 could be released in either 2010 or 2012.

In 2007 the film's producer Arthur Sarkissian said:

"I said, 'We've waited six years to do Rush Hour 3 and if we wait another six years, Jackie is going to be way too tired to do this stuff. So Chris is on board - he said he would love to do it.

But we have to make sure it stands on its own. And it hinges on how successful 'Rush Hour 3' is, for the studio to say we want to make another one.

If we do [Rush Hour 4], I'm strongly thinking about setting it in Moscow.""
Producer Arthur Sarkissian

We are likely to see motion capture effects in the movie Rush Hour 4: Ratner and Nathanson are indeed studying the technique.

Regarding the cast of Rush Hour 4:

According the rumor, Jacky Chan and Chris Tucker aren't much excited about reprising their roles for a fourth opus of the Rush Hour movie series, even if they stated that they would gladly work together on other projects.
Some are even talking about Ratner's contact: names like Danny DeVito and Jet Li have been dropped as potential replacements.
But I doubt that Jacky Chan and Chris tucker would really leave Rush Hour to other, so one way or another, I'm quite sure they would be part of the movie Rush Hour 4.

Hope Jacky Chan and Chris Tucker won't forget their fans and will star in the movie Rush Hour 4.